Library & Information Centre

The J.B.Degree College Library was started in the year 1952 with a small collection of 300 books. Initially, the library was housed in one part of the college main building. Later, it was shifted to the present building separately which was declared open in July 1963, by the then Gujarat governor, Hon’ble. Nawab Mehdi Nawaj Jung Bahadur. The library is named after A.Mcg. Coomaraswamy Tampoe M.A. (contab); I.C.S. (Retd); a Ceylonese academician of repute who also served as the principal of the college. It library is housed in a spacious building occupying an area of 7,780 sq.feet. It has two floors. The Tampoe Library, centrally situated and easily access to all the departments on the campus has steadily grown over the years.

Books and Periodicals

It has 62,000 documents as on today. The Library subscribes to about 127 periodicals of National and international importance.The library serves the information needs of the students, research scholars and teaching faculty, as well as the non-teaching staff of the college. The daily number of users is about 150 on an average.

In order to provide better services to the users of the library and to maintain the huge and perennial growth of books, back volumes of journals on various subjects including Science and Technology are housed in a newly constructed extension building. Books and back volumes of journals on Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities are arranged in such a way that users may not find any difficulty in locating the documents of their choice.

Cataloguing of the Books

The library follows the Open Access system in all the wings of the Library. Books are classified and catalogued following the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) and the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules -II (AACR- II) respectively. The Library maintains three different types of Catalogues viz.,, Author-wise, Title-wise and Subject-wise arranged in an alphabetical order.

Sections in the Library

In order to achieve functional efficiency, the library is organized into 6 different sections. They are :
1. Science Section

The Section contains of about 12,000 volumes relating to Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Bio-technology, Microbiology, Horticulture and Dairy Science. Science students, Research Scholars and Teachers make use of the services of this section. The section also has Compact Discs Cabinet readily available to students and staff for borrowing on Library Ticket. The section contains many valuable books,. thanks to the efforts of our great and eminent lecturers such as Dr.B.R.Rao, Sri Deepala Radha Krishna Murthy, Sri Y.V.Chalapathi Rao (also Principal), Dr.G.Lakshmi Narayana and Sri.Y.Madhava Rao. Physical measurements of this section are 23’ 5” X 55’ 4” (1,301.9 sq.feet).

2. Humanities Section

There are about 15,000 volumes relating to History, Commerce, Political Science, Public Administration, Sociology, Statistics, Education, Philosophy and Economics. The section contains many valuable books, thanks to the efforts of our great and eminent lecturers such as Sri. K.V. Ramana Reddy, Sri B.Radha Krishna, Sri M. Natarajan, Sri. K.V. Kotilingam and Dr. V. Ramakrishna. Physical measurements of this section are 21’ 7” X 52’ 3” (1,134.91 sq.feet).

3. Language Section

This wing has around 10,000 volumes relating to Telugu, English, Hindi and Sanskrit languages and literature. In this section many dictionaries are available for ready reference. Our eminent Language Lecturers were Dr. S.V. Bhugangaraya Sharma, Sri. Indraganti Hanumachastri, Sri.Vedula Satyanarayana Sastry, Sri. Peddada Ramaswamy, Sri. Ramachandra Rao, Sri. Muthu Iyer, Sri. M. Madhava Rao, Sri. O.M. Gopala Rao, Sri R.Ratna Joseph and Sri.K.Radha Krishna Murthy. These and many others contributed in a large measure to the building of a good collection in the library. Physical measurements of this section are 20’1”X 33’ (663.3 sq.feet).

4. Reference Section

This Section contains many reference books such as Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Year books, Back volumes and some Rare books. A majority of the students daily visit this section to expand their knowledge. Physical measurements of this section are 21’ 9” X 10’ 2” (223.38 sq.feet).

5. Remedial & Entry into Services Schemes Section

This wing provides books related to Competitive Examinations, General Knowledge, Current Affairs and Text Books. This section allows borrowing of books exclusively by the students of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Minorities. The books available in this section are purchased under the UGC Scheme for Entry into Services for SC, ST and Minority Students and also under the Remedial Coaching Scheme for SC, ST and Minority Students. Physical measurements of this section are 21’ 9” X 34’ 2” (748.98 sq. feet).

6. Periodicals & Reading Room Section

Periodical Section is a busy section of the Library and is always crowded, with students as also the teaching faculty. This section provides periodicals and magazines in different disciplines relating to competitive examinations and current affairs. In addition, this section also provides back-volumes of journals. It occupies an area of 921’ 46” sq. feet, the break-up which is as follows.