College Motto & Anthem

With the Upanishad Ideal of TAMASOMA JYOTIRGAMAYA as its motto, VISVODAYA can aspire to become a miniature replica of VISWABHARATI with its own motto of YATRA VISWAM BHAVATI EKANIDAM. But ideals are there only to point the way ahead by their remote star-light,while on the other hand the eye is lost in clouds of darkness all around ,and the foot is obstructed by many an impediment in the hard world of facts. This institution has always aimed high, and sometimes it seemed to me as though the aim was too high and the reach somewhat lower as it necessarily and understandably is neither Goldsmith’ s Vicar of Wakefield nor Victor Hugo’Jean Valgean nor Hardy’s Jude can be followed to the full, much less reproduced at will, since they are only ideals. The atmosphere of the temple is all right, but to recapture it in a world of brute strife and mad bustle is well-nigh impossible.But strive VISVODAYA must, as she has been doing all through its existence, to translate these ideals into realities.

It is therefore as a healer of soul’s wounds, a restorer of buoyant spirits, and a traveller in the path of human kindness and nobleness, that I like to treasure my recollections of the six year old stay in these quiet, active, peaceful and happy surroundings.

The College Anthem
The guiding force behind this institution and keeping in tune with the spirit and needs of the times we live in, the College aims at the holistic formation of students, helping them to become men and women imbued with a spirit of excellence and an abiding concern for others. The aforementioned values are at passed on to the students through the following steps

Academic Excellence
Striving for excellence in learning, through creative, practical and co-operative leadership, inspired by genuine religious and moral values. 

Social Concern
Preparing students to take their place in society as competent and responsible citizens by creating awareness on prevailing social conditions and thereby guiding them to commit themselves to the cause of justice. 

Character formation 
Developing value-centered perspectives. Creating an environment for students to acquire a sound value system ingrained with honesty, justice, cooperation, fellowship, concern for others, belief in devotion to God and universal love that embraces all people cutting across the barriers of religion, caste, class and nationality.